Baby giraffe legs

I’m really excited to announce that I’m now represented commercially by SEA / The Jacky Winter Group!

Press artwork for Chela’s new EP ‘Zero’ out through Kitsune

Falafel leftovers

Kisses from Danny and Mac

Another outtake from the Mac DeMarco shoot printed in Magic Magazine

Outtake from the Mac DeMarco shoot which was printed in Magic Magazine

Behind the scenes of me shooting Mac DeMarco at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne. We strung up a few hundred cigarettes onto dowel and arranged them in five different layers so Mac could really be immersed in his own cigarette heaven. Setup took a few hours while the band sound checked, the shoot only went for 10 minutes.

Still from a recent shoot for Tooth & Claw / Megan Washington


Artwork for Chela’s new EP ‘Zero’ through Kitsuné. 3D by James McDonald

Robbie Williams Shrine

Mac DeMarco in his own personal cigarette heaven